WhatsApp introduces New Toggle Feature to Block Spam Calls Easily

In the previous year, the instant messaging platform launched the communities feature, which enabled individuals with similar interests to have intellectual conversations with each other.

This feature helped WhatsApp establish itself as one of the best communication apps worldwide.

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However, this feature also had unintended consequences, as it opened up opportunities for strangers to make spam calls to other users.

Consequently, individuals are receiving messages and calls from individuals they do not know.

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Although the platform already allows users to report and block spammers, there is currently no way to silence calls from unfamiliar numbers.

However, according to Android Police, WhatsApp is developing a solution to mute unknown callers, which will be a relief for users who wish to put an end to incessant and unwanted calls from strangers.

New WhatsApp Toggle to Avoid Spam Calls

WABetaInfo, a research website that monitors WhatsApp’s development, first discovered this unannounced feature.

They had previously detected the Newsletter feature, which was later launched to streamline group communication.

According to the website, the Newsletter feature has a drawback in that it publicly displays the creator’s phone number, enabling any member of a WhatsApp community to contact them without their permission.

However, the new mute toggle, which emerged from a recent Android beta but is not immediately apparent, will allegedly resolve this issue.”

According to the portal, WhatsApp has been grappling with spam for an extended period, which can manifest in various forms, such as advertisements disguised as beneficial services.

Recently, the platform was experimenting with a prompt method to prevent spam messages.

Even though WhatsApp offers a feature to handle spam messages and calls that have already reached the user, evading them has been challenging.

As per reports, the mute toggle is currently being developed as a potential remedy to WhatsApp’s spam issues.

However, there is no information regarding when the messaging platform owned by Meta will roll out this feature to all its users.

It is likely that the mute toggle will have to undergo some form of public beta testing before it is made widely available.

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