WhatsApp Enhancing User Security with New System Rollout

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app used in India and many other countries. They always try to make their app better for users.

They care a lot about keeping users safe. That’s why they’re adding a new update to the app.

In this update, some users will get a new way to lock the app. Before, you could only use your fingerprint or face to unlock it.

But now, you can also use a passcode. This update is only available for a few users right now.

A website called WABetaInfo says WhatsApp released version on the Google Play Store. This update will give users more options for locking their app.

This new feature is helpful for people whose phones don’t have fingerprint or face scanners. They can still lock their app using a passcode.

Even though many phones have fingerprint or face scanners now, having the option for a passcode is important for security.

Right now, only some people can use this feature, but it might be available for everyone soon.


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