NHAI Revolutionizes Toll Collection Say Goodbye to Queues with GPS

The government is working hard to make travel easier on the country’s growing roads. Recently, Nitin Gadkari, who is in charge of roads, talked about a new way to pay tolls using GPS.Let’s find out how this works and what’s happening with it.

When your vehicle goes through a toll gate, a scanner reads a special sticker called FASTag and automatically takes the toll fee from your account.

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This saves time and reduces traffic jams at toll booths. Now, the government wants to make this even better.

They’re planning to replace toll booths with a new system that uses GPS. Instead of just a sticker, your vehicle will need a GPS device.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Like FASTag, every vehicle will need this GPS device.
  • The government will use microcontrollers with 3G and GPS to track where vehicles are going.
  • This helps them know which roads you’re using, so they can charge the toll fee.

FASTag is like a digital wallet for tolls. It automatically deducts the fee when you pass through a toll booth. But GPS-based tolls are a bit different. They track your entire journey and charge you based on where you go.

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