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WhatsApp Chat: THESE 3 amazing Features are coming soon on WhatsApp

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New Delhi:

WhatsApp is changing a lot with time. To enhance the user experience, WhatsApp is working on new features.

The social messaging platform is working on a redesigned text editor for its drawing tool.

According to the report of Betainfo, the platform is planning to introduce three new features to improve the drawing editor. Due to this, the style of chatting will change.

Will be able to type in a new font

The first feature will allow the user to type in various fonts. Several font options will be displayed above the keyboard. You can type by clicking on it.

Will be able to text-align

The second feature will be flexible text alignment. With this feature’s help, users can align the text to the left, center, or correct, giving users more control over formatting text in photos and videos.

Will be able to change the background

The third feature will allow users to change the background behind the text, making it easier to separate important text.

Last week it was reported that the messaging platform was working on a new feature that would allow users to send photos in their original quality.

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