New Features in Google Photos App for Easy Organization

Many of you use the Google Photos app, right? Well, they just added two new things to make it even better.

Google, the tech company, added two features that use smart technology to help organize your photos.

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The first one is called ‘Photo Stacks.’ It puts similar-looking photos together, so you don’t have to search for them.

It also picks out what it thinks are your best photos and puts them in one place. You can choose to turn this off or change it if you want.

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The second update is about organizing your documents and screenshots. Now, the app’s smart technology will put things like bills in one group and important cards like Aadhar card and driving license in another. It even makes a separate folder for notes.

Another cool thing is that Google Photos will put important info from your pictures into your calendar.

For example, if you take a screenshot of a flight ticket, it can remind you about your flight. You can also set reminders for other things like bills.

So, Google made things easier for us by using smart technology in the app, and they really want to make the app better for all of us.”

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