Mutual Fund SIP: A Long-term Investment and Retirement Plan

Mutual Fund SIP:

If you want to secure your post-retirement life financially. In such a situation, today we will tell you about a very wonderful scheme.

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By investing in this scheme, you can accumulate huge funds in the long term. For this, you have to choose a good mutual fund scheme. In the past, many mutual fund schemes have worked to give excellent returns.

In such a situation, most people prefer to invest their money in mutual funds. Investing money in mutual funds is subject to market risks.

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However, the chances of getting returns from this investment area are quite high. In this episode, let us understand that math, with the help of which you can collect a fund of Rs 3.3 crore by investing Rs 6,000.

For this, you must choose a good mutual fund scheme and invest Rs 6,000 monthly in it.

Apart from this, you also have to expect that you will get an approximate return of 14 percent every year on your investment.

You have to invest 6 thousand rupees for the whole 30 years. In this case, after 30 years, you can collect a total fund of Rs 3.3 crore.

You have to invest a total of Rs 21.6 lakh for 30 years. At the same time, you will get a total wealth of Rs 3.1 crore on your investment.

In this case, at maturity, after 30 years, you will have a total of Rs 3.3 crore. With this money, you can live your post-retirement life luxuriously.

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