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Measures by Zomato to Protect Delivery Partners

A large part of India is experiencing a severe heat wave, with temperatures in many cities rising above normal levels.

In response, food delivery and e-commerce platforms have implemented several measures to protect their delivery partners from the intense heat.

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Zomato’s Initiatives

Food delivery platform Zomato has set up 450 rest points for delivery partners across the country. These rest points are accessible to all e-commerce delivery personnel

and offer comfortable seating, free drinking water, mobile charging points, and clean washroom facilities.

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The company has also procured over 500,000 units of refreshments, juices, and glucose, which will be distributed across 450 locations in over 250 cities.

Additionally, Zomato has made 15-minute ambulance and 24×7 SOS support available in more than 530 cities to handle any health emergencies that delivery partners may encounter.

Recently, Zomato’s CEO, Rakesh Ranjan, mentioned that the company had asked users on social media platform X to avoid ordering food during the afternoon unless absolutely necessary. This request led to significant criticism from users.

Zomato-owned Blinkit has introduced an SOS feature in their app to assist delivery partners during medical emergencies.

CEO Albinder Dhindsa stated that the company is installing air coolers in the waiting areas of its stores to provide quick relief from the heat.

Swiggy Instamart’s Measures

E-commerce platform Swiggy Instamart has launched over 900 recharge zones in high-demand areas.

These zones offer rest areas, fresh beverages, mobile phone charging points, and toilets for all delivery partners, ensuring they have a place to cool down and recharge during their deliveries.



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