IDBI Bank’s Special FD Schemes Promise High Returns in Just 300 Days

IDBI Bank is presenting special Fixed Deposit (FD) schemes to its numerous customers, promising substantial returns in a short period.

These special FDs, available for 300 days, 375 days, and 444 days, offer an attractive interest rate of up to 7.75%.

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However, this special scheme is available only until June 30, 2024, giving investors a limited window to take advantage of these high returns.

IDBI Utsav Special 400 Days FD Scheme

According to the IDBI Bank website, the Utsav FD scheme is open for investment until June 30, 2024.

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This scheme offers a 7.25% interest rate on 444-day FDs for regular customers, NRIs, and NRO customers. The bank also provides the option for premature withdrawal and closure of this FD.

IDBI Utsav FD Scheme 375 Days

For the 375-day Utsav FD, IDBI Bank offers a 7.60% interest rate for senior citizens. Regular customers, NRI, and NRO customers receive a 7.10% interest rate. This FD also includes the option for premature withdrawal or closure.

IDBI Utsav 300 Days FD Scheme

For senior citizens investing in the 300-day Utsav FD, IDBI Bank provides a 7.55% interest rate.

Regular customers, NRI, and NRO customers are offered a 7.05% interest rate on this FD, with the option for premature withdrawal of funds.

IDBI Bank Regular FD Interest Rates

For customers considering other FD options, IDBI Bank offers the following interest rates for regular FDs:

7-30 days: 3.00%

31-45 days: 3.25%

46-90 days: 4.00%

91-6 months: 4.50%

6 months 1 day to less than 1 year: 5.75%

1 year to 2 years (excluding 375 days and 444 days): 6.80%

2 years to 5 years: 6.50%

5 years to 10 years: 6.25%

10 years to 20 years: 4.80%

5 years: 6.50%

IDBI Bank’s special FD schemes provide a great opportunity for investors to achieve significant returns in a short period.

With high interest rates and flexible terms, these FDs are an attractive option for those looking to grow their wealth efficiently.

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