Jio Plans to launch Cloud Laptop at affordable Prices and Expand into PC market

After becoming the top company in phones and internet, Reliance Jio is now looking at computers.

They want to make a cloud laptop that might cost around Rs 15,000. The company hasn’t officially said the price yet, but people think it will be reasonable.

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According to a report, Reliance Jio is working with other computer makers like HP, Acer, Lenovo.

People involved in this say they are testing a ‘Cloud Laptop’ on HP Chromebook. Reliance Jio will give these laptops at low prices every month.

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Today, we’ll explain how cloud computers work and why they might affect the computer market.

How do cloud computers work?

People who play games or like gaming know about the cloud. In cloud gaming, you don’t have to download the game on your phone or update it.

You pay a fee to the gaming company, and they take care of the game’s server and storage. You can play high-quality games on a normal smartphone.

Cloud computers work the same way. You buy a simple computer, and you can use services like web browsing, gaming, and software through the cloud.

You don’t need to install anything on your laptop; you can use everything with the help of the cloud.

In a regular laptop, you have to install software before using it. But with a cloud laptop, you access software through the cloud, save your work there, and access it from anywhere.

Cloud computers don’t need an expensive laptop like today; you can do many things with a cheap laptop.

Everything in a cloud laptop is internet-based. You can use software and access files with high-speed internet.

Loss for the laptop and computer market

Cloud laptops will hurt the laptop and computer market. Right now, companies make different models with different specs.

But with cloud computers, even a basic laptop will work like today’s expensive laptops. Big companies will lose, and fewer expensive computers will be sold.

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