Easily get Passport From Home with THESE Simple steps

If you need to prove that you are an Indian citizen outside of India, having an Indian passport is very important.

Even if you have various valid documents within India, the passport becomes the most crucial document when you’re abroad.

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Let’s see how you can easily apply for a passport from the comfort of your home.

The Only Fee

To apply for a passport from home, you can use the mPassport Seva app. The key point is that you can apply using only your Aadhar card through this app.

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The application fee for obtaining a passport is Rs 1500, and you can make this payment online.

After applying, you’ll undergo police verification, and once completed, your passport will be generated and sent to your address automatically.

Step by Step Process:

1) Download the mPassport Seva app on your mobile.

2) Register yourself in the app by clicking on the new user registration link.

3) Select your nearest passport office based on your address proof. Make sure it’s in the same state as your address.

4) Provide details like name, date of birth, email ID, etc.

5) Create a unique login ID and a strong password. Set up security questions for password recovery.

6) Enter the captcha code and click on the submit button.

7) A verification link will be sent to your email address by the Passport Office. Click on it to redirect to a new webpage and verify your login ID.

After Verification

1) Close the app and log in again.

2) Click on the Existing User tab.

3) Enter your login ID, password, and captcha code.

4) Click on “Apply For Fresh Passport.”

5) Fill in the required information following the app’s instructions.

6) Pay the fees and schedule an appointment.

7) Visit the passport center to get your documents verified.

By following these steps, you can easily apply for a passport without leaving your home.

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