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Invest Rs 1 lakh in THIS Post Office Scheme and get Rs 139407 Returns in 5 Years

Post Office Term Deposit Scheme: If you plan for your future now, then a substantial amount can be generated.

(Investment Planning) You can start the investment with the term deposit scheme of the post office.

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It is safe to invest money in this government scheme. Apart from the bank, you also get the benefit of a term deposit from the post office.

The only difference is that your investments are always safe in the Post Office, and there is a guarantee of getting a return.

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Let us know about the term deposit scheme of the post office, in which you get better returns.

You can open Term Deposit for 1 to 5 years in the Post Office. This is a Small Savings Scheme.

Let us tell you that the bank has kept its interest rates the same from January to March 2022 quarter.

This means that the interest, which was available in the October-December 2021 quarter, will remain available now.

Get Rs 139407 on a 1 lakh investment

6.7% per annum is available for five years in the term deposit of the post office.

This means that if a person opens an account by depositing Rs 1 lakh in Term Deposit with a maturity period of 5 years, then after five years, he will get Rs 139407 in return according to the interest rate of TD.

At the same time, the interest rate on term deposits of one year, two years, and three years is 5.5 percent per annum.

Who can open an account

In this post office scheme, any Indian can open a single or joint account.

On the other hand, those whose age is more than ten years or who are mentally weak can also open an account in it.

To open an account, you can put in any amount starting from 1000 rupees.

Apart from this, investing in a 5-year post office TD gets tax exemption under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Rules of Premature Closing

You can close this scheme after the completion of 6 months. On the other hand, if you close the TD after six months till the account’s completion of 12 months of the report,

then the interest rate of the Post Office Savings Scheme will be applicable and not that of the term deposit.

What are the facilities available at Post Office TD?

  • On this, you will get a nomination service.
  • Facility to transfer an account from the post office to another
  • Post office one, TD account many
  • Facility to convert the single account to a joint or joint statement to the single
  • Account extension facility
  • Online account opening facility through intra-operable net banking / mobile banking



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