SBI starts DSB Service for Senior Citizens: Check Eligibility

SBI DSB Service:

Amidst the rapidly changing banking services in the country, some customers of SBI will not need to go to the bank.

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SBI will now provide its many services, including depositing and withdrawing cash at home. SBI has named this service as Doorstep Banking Service.

To get the benefit of this service, customers of the specific category have to download the DSB mobile application of the bank and then apply.

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After the successful application, the banking agent will go directly to the customer’s home to deposit or give cash and provide banking services.

State Bank of India has started Doorstep Banking Service to relieve senior citizens, Divyangjan, and people suffering from severe illness or customers suffering from any medical problem.

Through Doorstep Banking (DSB), the State Bank of India has said that it will allow Divyangjan to access banking services at home three times every month without any charges.

Explain that the bank charges applicable GST and a fee of Rs 75 for financial and non-financial services.

Eligibility for SBI Doorstep Banking Service

1. SBI’s doorstep service is available to senior citizens above 70.

2. Doorstep banking service will be available to visually impaired and disabled or medically debilitated persons.

3. To avail of the SBI service, the account holder should be fully KYC compliant.

4. Doorstep service requires a valid mobile number to be registered with the account.

5. Presence of either single account holder or joint account holder.

How to withdraw cash from SBI Doorstep Banking

1. Customer has to download Doorstep Banking App (DSB App) and log in.

2. After this, the SBI option has to be selected for DSB service requests.

3. The customer must now enter the account number’s last six digits.

4. After this, OTP will come on the customer’s registered mobile for verification.

5. Now, after entering the OTP, click the confirmation button and submit it.

6. After OTP verification, the bank name, account number, name, account type, and branch name will appear on the DSB app.

7. Customer now selects service request, enters account and amount for the transaction, selects transaction method (AEPS/Card), and submits.

8. After this, the fee for the selected service will be debited from the customer’s account, and a service request number will be generated.

9. The customer will now receive an SMS notification about the visiting banking agent with essential details such as name, contact details, timings for pickup/delivery, and service code.

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