Impact of Saudi Arabia’s Stringent Visa Policies on Indian Visitors

Saudi Arabia has new rules for foreign workers. People under 24 years old can’t be hired for domestic jobs starting in 2024.

The government made these rules to control the job market and set clear guidelines for sending money to foreign workers through phone apps.

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These changes may make it tough for India’s job market. In Saudi Arabia, many young people live alone, but the new rules mean fewer jobs for those under 24.

Jobs like drivers, cooks, guards, gardeners, nurses, tailors, and servants are affected. Approximately 2.6 million Indians work in Saudi Arabia.

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If you want to work in Saudi Arabia, there are rules for getting a visa. For the first visa, you need to show your earnings and have 40,000 Saudi Riyals in the bank.

The requirements increase for the second and third visas.

For those working in private companies, Saudi Arabia changed the work visa duration to one year from May this year, down from two years.

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