HDFC Bank Introduces New UPI Features for Easier Digital Transactions

In the digital era, tasks become simpler. Sending money once required a bank visit, but now, with just an internet connection, you can do it from home.

And even without internet or a smartphone, you can still use UPI to send money.

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HDFC Bank, a private sector bank, has recently launched three new digital products linked to UPI. These include:

UPI 123Pay: Pay with a Phone Call

UPI 123Pay allows anyone to make UPI payments with just a phone call, even if they lack an internet connection or smartphone.

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Customers can conveniently book and pay for services using Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

UPI Plug-In Service for Merchant Transactions

The UPI Plug-In Service simplifies UPI payments. You won’t have to switch between different apps while shopping, making transactions smoother.

AutoPay with QR Codes

AutoPay with QR codes enables effortless setup of automatic payments using UPI QR codes.

This is especially handy for making recurring payments like streaming services and subscriptions, eliminating the need for manual payments every time.

These new features from HDFC Bank make digital transactions more accessible and convenient for everyone.

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