Delivery of latest Hero Maverick 440 Bike Starts (Check Variant)

You can get three different types of this bike – the basic one, the middle one, and the top one. The starting price for Hero Maverick 440 is Rs 1.99 lakh, and it can go up to Rs 2.44 lakh.

The basic version of Maverick 440 comes in Arctic White color and costs Rs 1.99 lakh. It has LED lights and a screen that shows information. Plus, it can connect to Bluetooth.

The middle version of Maverick 440 is in Fearless Red color and costs Rs 2.14 lakh. It has special wheels with tires that don’t need tubes.

Hero MotoCorp introduces the Maverick 440 bike, available in three variations: basic, mid-range, and top-tier. Prices start at Rs 1.99 lakh, reaching up to Rs 2.44 lakh.

The top version of Hero Maverick 440 comes in Phantom Black color and costs Rs 2.24 lakh. It has fancy wheels with a special design.

All versions come with a 440 cc engine for optimal performance, generating 36 Nm of power at 4000 rpm, paired with a 6-speed transmission.

Bookings commenced on February 14th, and Hero now delivers the Maverick 440 to customers.Top Maverick 440: Phantom Black, Rs 2.24 lakh. Stylish wheels with a special touch.

Powered by a 440 cc engine, this Hero MotoCorp bike stays cool with oil. Producing 36 Nm of power at 4000 rpm, it boasts a 6-speed transmission.Bookings opened on February 14th, and now Hero is rolling them out to eager riders!

This bike from Hero MotoCorp has a 440 cc engine that uses oil to stay cool. It makes 36 Nm of power at 4000 rpm and has a 6-speed transmission.

You could book this bike starting from February 14th this year, and now Hero is delivering it to people.Middle Maverick 440: Fearless Red, Rs 2.14 lakh. Unique tubeless tires.

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