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Airtel’s Data Vouchers Offers More Data at affordable Prices

If you use Bharti Airtel and want more internet for the day, no need to worry. The company has three data vouchers that give you lots of data for the whole day.

They start at Rs 19, and you can choose a higher-priced one based on how much data you need.

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Remember, you can only use these data vouchers if you have an active prepaid plan. So, you must already have a plan on your number.

These data plans are handy when your current plan doesn’t have enough data, and you need more.

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Airtel’s most expensive one-day data voucher costs Rs 49 and gives you an extra 6GB of data. This is good for people who need more than 3GB or 4GB of data in a day.

For Rs 29, you get a one-day data voucher with 2GB extra data. Remember, if you don’t use the data within 24 hours, it will expire and you can’t use it the next day.

The cheapest Airtel data voucher is Rs 19, and it gives you 1GB extra data. This is useful when your daily data is finished for some reason, and you just need a bit more.

If you live in an area with Airtel’s 5G and have a 5G phone, you might not need these data vouchers.

If you recharge with a plan costing Rs 239 or more, the company gives you unlimited 5G data.



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