WPIL announces Rs 20 Dividend per Share, Ex-Dividend Today

Investors in dividend-paying companies receive a pleasant surprise as WPIL declares a dividend of Rs 20 per share.

The stock is set to trade today as an Ex-Dividend Stock. Over the past year, WPIL has delivered impressive returns, more than doubling investors’ money.

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In recent stock market disclosures, WPIL announced a Rs 20 dividend for eligible investors on each share,

with the ex-date being today, November 13, 2023. Investors whose names remain in the company’s record book will benefit from this dividend, following a similar payout in August.

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Market Performance Highlights

Despite challenges in the last six months, WPIL’s share price is set at Rs 3238.10, marking a remarkable 171% increase in the past year.

While the recent half-year performance saw a modest 10% gain, the company’s overall strong market performance continues to capture attention.

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