Uber to Include Electric Vehicles in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru by June 2023

Uber, the global ride-sharing app, has introduced Uber Green in India, aiming to achieve zero pollution mobility.

This new initiative will integrate electric vehicles and two-wheelers into Uber’s cab service. Starting from June 2023.

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Uber Green will be available in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, allowing passengers to book electric vehicles for their journeys.

By offering on-demand electric vehicle services, Uber aims to provide a superior experience to its customers. Currently.

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Uber Green is the most widely accessible on-demand solution for low or zero-emission rides, operating in over 100 cities across 15 countries worldwide.

Ambitious Target: Exclusively Electric Vehicles by 2040

Andrew McDonald, Senior Vice President of Mobility and Business Operations at Uber, expressed the company’s commitment to electrification, particularly in India.

He stated, “Given India’s rapid electrification progress, it is a priority market for us. We are dedicated to transforming every ride on our platform and meeting our goal of full electrification by 2040.

The launch of Uber Green represents a significant step towards achieving that objective. We understand that our impact extends beyond technology.

and are determined to work alongside cities and governments to promote sustainable mobility and combat climate change and pollution.”

New Collaborations Announced

Expanding Fleet Partnerships: Uber is partnering with Everest Fleet Pvt Ltd, the largest B2B fleet service provider in the country to drive the adoption of electric vehicles on its platform.

Additionally, Moov, Uber’s global fleet partner, will facilitate the presence of 25,000 electric vehicles across Uber’s top seven citie.s, accelerating drivers’ transition to EVs.

Partnership for Electric Two-Wheelers: Uber has joined forces with Zipp Electric, an EV-as-a-service startup, to deploy 10,000 electric two-wheelers by 2024.

This collaboration aims to promote sustainable mobility within Uber’s growing Uber Moto category.

Financing for Electric Vehicles: Uber has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the .

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) to support customers in purchasing clean fuel vehicles, including electric and CNG vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Uber is actively pursuing two partnerships to enhance charging infrastructure.

It will implement its global mobility agreement in India with BP Pulse, in association with Jio-BP.

Furthermore, Uber has signed an MoU with GMR Green Energy to establish dedicated charging facilities.

By launching Uber Green and forging strategic collaborations, Uber aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to a sustainable future in India.

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