Top Best Electric Scooter with amazing Range at Just Rs 1.45 lakh in India

The need for electric vehicles in India is growing fast every day. Because more people want them, there are many strong electric scooters you can buy.

If you want to get a new electric scooter, we have a list of powerful ones for you.

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Life V1 Pro

This scooter has a removable 3.94kWh battery. It can go 165 km on one charge. Both the V1 Pro and V1 Plus can go up to 80 km per hour.

The Pro can go from 0 to 40 kmph in 3.2 seconds, and the Plus takes 3.4 seconds. The price starts from Rs 1.45 lakh.

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Ola S1 Pro

Ola is a popular company for electric scooters in India. The motor in this scooter can make 8.5kW power and 58Nm torque.

It can go 181 km on one charge and has a top speed of 90 km per hour. It takes about 6 hours to charge, and the price is Rs 1.40 lakh.

Ather 450X

This scooter has a 6.2kW motor and a 3.7kWh battery. It can go up to 105 km on one charge and has a top speed of 90 km per hour. The price is Rs 1.37 lakh.

TVS iQube

This scooter has a 2.25kWh battery. It takes 5 hours to charge and can go 75 km on one charge. It has a 4.4kW motor that can make 140 Nm of torque. The price is Rs 1.55 lakh.

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