Top 5 Credit Cards with Exclusive Airport Lounge Access

Several credit card companies in the country have removed access to airport lounges for their cardholders.

This change has caused losses for many cardholders. A recent report highlights that a lot of people used to enjoy the benefits of airport lounges, and their numbers were growing.

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However, since credit card companies stopped providing access to airport lounges, cardholders are experiencing difficulties.

Right now, several banks still offer free access to airport lounges for their credit card customers. Let’s find out which cards give you access to lounges for free.

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SBI Elite Credit Card

The biggest government bank in the country offers a free airport lounge service to its customers.

If you want this free lounge service, you can get the SBI Elite Credit Card.

To get this card, you need to pay an annual fee of Rs 4,999, and it gives you access to airport lounges.

Additionally, you get discounts on flights within the country and abroad.

Plus, you can earn rewards on food, groceries, and shopping at department stores. They also offer a free movie ticket worth Rs 6,000.

HDFC Diners Club Privilege Credit Card

HDFC Bank, the biggest bank in the country, gives its customers special benefits at airport lounges through the HDFC Diners Club Privilege Credit Card.

For this card, you need to pay an annual fee of Rs 2,500. Besides lounge benefits, this card also gives you access to Amazon Prime, MMT Black, Times Prime, and Dineout Passport.

Axis Bank Credit Card

You can use the airport lounge with the Axis Bank Select Credit Card. To have this card, you pay an annual fee of Rs 3,000.

With this card, you get a 20 percent discount on shopping at BigBasket, plus access to airport lounges. Also, you get a 40 percent discount on Swiggy.

SBI Prime Credit Card

You need to pay an annual fee of Rs 2,999 for the SBI Prime Credit Card. If you spend over Rs 3 lakh in a year, the annual fee is not required.

This card gives you various benefits such as e-gift vouchers, bonus reward points, and vouchers for airport lounge access.

This first credit card

The YES FIRST Preferred Credit Card costs Rs 999 per year. However, if you spend more than Rs 2.5 lakh, the fee is not charged.

This card gives you access to lounges and provides various other rewards too.

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