THESE Banks are offering amazing Interest Rates On it’s Special FD Schemes

Are you contemplating a fixed deposit but unsure which bank’s scheme to choose? Wondering which bank can maximize your profits in minimal time? Curious about schemes offering higher interest rates on your investment? Today, we provide answers to these questions in a straightforward manner, presenting two banks’ special 399-day FD schemes.

Which Banks Offer 399-Day FD Schemes?

You can find 399-day fixed deposit schemes at both Bank of Baroda and Union Bank of India.

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Each bank offers unique benefits, so let’s explore which one might be the more lucrative option for your investment.

Union Bank of India’s 399-Day FD Scheme

Union Bank of India (UBI) offers varying interest rates on fixed deposits based on the duration of your investment. UBI allows customers to invest in a 399-day fixed deposit.

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Investors in this scheme enjoy a 7% interest rate, while senior citizens can benefit from even higher interest rates on their 399-day FDs, with rates going up to 7.50%.

Bank of Baroda’s 399-Day FD Scheme

Bank of Baroda has been making headlines for its attractive interest rates, especially in its Tricolor Plus Fixed Deposit (Baroda Tricolor Plus Deposit Scheme).

Investors in the Tricolor Plus Fixed Deposit scheme can earn an impressive interest rate of up to 7.90% annually on their 399-day FDs.

These competitive interest rates apply to domestic fixed deposits, including NRE/NRO accounts, senior citizen deposits, and non-redeemable deposits without premature withdrawal options.”

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