Softrak Venture Investment Shares Surge Despite Penny Stock Volatility

Softrak Venture Investment shares: Even though penny stocks are riskier, some investors like to take chances on them.

That’s why penny stocks can sometimes shoot up quickly even without a clear reason.

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Something similar has happened with the shares of a company called Softrak Venture Investment.

Share situation

On Monday, the first trading day of the week, these shares went up by 10 percent. The price went from Rs 8.36 to Rs 9.19.

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Last year, on March 2, the share price was Rs 11.15, which is the highest it has been in 52 weeks.

On March 31, 2023, the share price dropped to Rs 4.04, which was the lowest in 52 weeks.

This stock has given investors returns of over 30 percent compared to the BSE in one week.

In two weeks, the return was 40 percent. So far this year, the stock has gone up by 50 percent.

When it comes to who owns the shares, the promoters don’t own any, which means the public owns 100 percent.

About the Company

Softruck Venture Investment started in 1993. It’s involved in non-banking finance and IT business.

The company aims to be a leader in helping businesses and service providers improve their operations using cloud computing technology.

According to the company’s website, they offer customized software solutions using technologies like ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Open Source, Android, and iOS.

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