SIM Rule: Govt sets Maximum SIM Card Limit for Individuals

SIM Card Rule Change 2023: The government had fixed a rule regarding the number of SIM cards per person.

But even today, people are using multiple sims on the same Aadhaar Card, bypassing the rules.

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Last year, the time limit was given by the Department of Telecom (DoT) for sim-card verification.

Its date has expired. In such a situation, any person has nine or more SIMs active in one name.

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The Department of Telecom is going to take action to cancel them.

It is being told that on the new year, i.e., on 1st January, the SIM cards running illegally in the country will be canceled.

DoT has given several warnings

The Department of Telecom has often warned those with nine or more SIMs. But despite that, people are using up to 20-20 sims with the same name.

Now, taking strict steps, the government has planned to cancel all SIM cards above 9.

According to media reports, these SIM cards will receive outgoing and incoming calls after cancellation.

What is the rule?

According to the Department of Telecom, any citizen of India can have a maximum of 9 SIM cards in his name.

At the same time, there is a provision to have 6 SIMs for Jammu, Kashmir, and the Northeast.

According to departmental information, having more than 9 SIMs on one ID will be illegal.

Such a step has been taken to prevent online fraud and objectionable calls.

That’s why the Telecom Department plans to cancel the SIM cards of people with illegal SIMs. Even before this, illegal SIM cards were banned in January.

Rules will apply to these

The user’s SIM card running more than 9 SIMs has been asked to stop outgoing calls within 30 days and incoming calls within 45 days.

The Telecom Department plans to deactivate the SIM within two months or 60 days.

However, before this, the department repeatedly appealed to stop the SIM card automatically.

According to DoT, if a complaint is received against the mobile number from the Law Enforcement Agency, the bank,

or any other financial institution, then outgoing calls of such SIM are ordered to be stopped within five days and incoming calls within ten days.

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