Samsung launches New Q80Z TV with 98 inch Display (See Price and Features)

Samsung continues to expand its range of TVs with the launch of the latest addition, the 98-inch Q80Z TV.

This new television model from Samsung promises exceptional sound performance and impressive picture quality.

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Following its successful venture into smartphones, the company is now focusing on further diversifying its TV lineup.

Earlier, they unveiled the 4K iSmart 2023 TV.

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In this article, we provide a detailed overview of the features, specifications, and pricing of the Samsung 98-inch Q80Z TV.

Availability of the Samsung Q80Z TV

The Samsung Q80Z TV is currently available for pre-order and is set to hit stores on June 1.

As part of special offers, customers who pre-order the TV can receive complimentary items such as the HW-Q99B soundbar, a 55-inch Neo QLED TV, or even the latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone.

Additionally, a standard Tencent Video VIP annual membership is included with each purchase.

Features and Specifications of the Samsung Q80Z TV

Let’s delve into the impressive features and specifications of the Samsung Q80Z TV.

Boasting a massive 98-inch display, this QLED TV is the largest in Samsung’s lineup and showcases significant improvements compared to previous models.

The smart TV incorporates the cutting-edge Quantum Matrix Pro display, which utilizes Mini-LED backlighting technology to deliver deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Furthermore, the TV is powered by an advanced AI processor that optimizes the quality of low-resolution content while enhancing overall image clarity.

The Samsung Q80Z TV not only excels in picture quality but also provides an immersive sound experience. Equipped with a 4.2.2-channel speaker system, it delivers powerful audio that surrounds viewers.

The sound system also supports popular formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, further enhancing the audio performance.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Samsung 98-inch Q80Z TV, including its pricing details and additional features.

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