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Railway Rules: 5 Major Indian Railway Rules You Must Know about

People have always preferred railways for long-distance travel.

These journeys are safe as well as comfortable. But while travelling by train, you should keep some things in mind.

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This makes travelling much easier for you and your companions.

Indian Railways makes many rules for the convenience of passengers, which there are many rules regarding travelling by train at night.

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Apart from this, what goods can be carried in the train and which goods are prohibited from being carried?

Let us know some essential rules related to railways that make your journey easy.

Night sleep rules

According to railway rules, the time from 10 pm to 6 am is fixed for sleeping.

During this, passengers of lower berths can ask passengers of middle berths to go to their berths.

Passengers are also prohibited from listening to loud music and talking loudly while travelling at night.

TTE will not check the ticket at this time

According to the rules of the railway, between 10 at night and 6 in the morning, usually, TTE also does not check the ticket.

These rules have been made to make the passengers’ journey comfortable so that their sleep is not disturbed.

However, this rule does not apply if your journey starts after 10 pm, then this rule does not apply. In such a situation, the ticket checker can check your ticket.

How much luggage can be taken on the train

According to the Indian Railways Luggage Rules, passengers can carry only 40 to 70 kg of luggage during the train journey.

If someone travels with more luggage than this, he will have to pay a separate fare. According to the railway coach, the luggage’s weight is determined differently.

Passengers can carry up to 40 kg of luggage in sleeper class.

At the same time, there is an exemption to carry 50 kg of luggage up to AC two-tier.

Passengers can carry luggage up to 70 kg in First Class AC.

It is forbidden to carry these items on the train

Stops during rail travel, gas cylinders, any flammable chemical, firecrackers, acid, smelly articles, leather or wet hides, oil, grease, and ghee carried in packages, such articles, if broken or spilled, cause damage to goods or passengers.

Can It be an offence to carry prohibited items during a railway journey? Suppose you are carrying any of these restricted items during the journey.

In that case, you can be prosecuted under section 164 of the Railway Act.

Platform tickets can be used to travel

According to railway rules, if you do not have a reservation ticket and want to travel somewhere by train,

you can also board the train by purchasing a platform ticket and then quickly go to the ticket checker and get the ticket. Can.

This rule (Indian Railways Rules) belongs to the Railways only. For this, you take a platform ticket and immediately contact TTE; TTE will make a ticket till your destination.



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