NHAI Considering Extension of One Vehicle, One FASTag Deadline to March 31!

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) wants to give people more time for their One Vehicle, One FASTag plan. Before, it was supposed to end on Friday (March 1), but now they might extend it for another 4 weeks. Here’s what’s going on:

PayTm FASTag users might get more time

Because of some problems with PayTm, they might give PayTm FASTag users more time to fix any issues.

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The NHAI wants to make sure people don’t use one FASTag for many vehicles. They announced this plan earlier and gave people time to complete some paperwork to link their FASTag to just one vehicle.

What NHAI officials are saying

A top NHAI official talked to the news and said because of the PayTm problems, it might take longer for FASTag users to switch to the new plan.

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PayTm Payments Bank, which deals with FASTag and wallets, had some issues starting March 15. They told PayTm FASTag users to move their accounts to other banks before the deadline.

What will happen to PayTm FASTag?

According to the RBI, people can still use PayTm FASTags even after March 15 if they have enough money in their account. But after March 15, people can’t add more money to their PayTm FASTag accounts.

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