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New Yamaha Scooter launched with Smart Key in India

Yamaha Motor India just brought out a new type of Aerox scooter called the Aerox S. It’s got cool features like key-less ignition and more.

The price for this new type is Rs 1,50,000, which is Rs 3300 more than the usual one. You can get it in either silver or racing blue colors.

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How does the smart key work?

With the smart key, you can find your scooter easily. Just press a button on the key, and it’ll make the scooter flash its lights and make a special sound.

The key works differently from regular keys. You can use it to turn the scooter on or off and open the fuel cap.

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2021 Yamaha Aerox specifications

The new Yamaha Aerox S has an extra feature called an immobilizer. It automatically locks the scooter when the smart key is far away.

Other than that, everything else stays the same. The scooter has LED lights, a charging port, start-stop technology, Bluetooth, and a digital display.

It’s got a wide rear tire, 140 section, and 14-inch wheels at the front and back. The Aerox S also has a big storage space under the seat, 25 liters, and it weighs 126 kg.

Engine and Gearbox

Just like the regular one, the new Yamaha Aerox S has a 155cc, single-cylinder VVA engine. It gives you a maximum power of 15bhp at 8,000rpm and a torque of 13.9Nm at 6500rpm.

What did the company say?

Ishin Chihana, Chairman of Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies, said, “Since we launched the Aerox 155, it’s been a big hit.

People love its power and cool design. As cities in India change, we need better ways to get around.

Yamaha wants to keep improving and making things that meet riders’ needs and even go beyond. That’s what we’re about.”



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