New App ‘Dirghayu’ for Central Government Pensioners

New Delhi:

New information for government workers: If you work for the central government, here’s something important for you.

Last year, the Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) introduced a new mobile app called Dirghayu (DIRGHAYU) specifically for central civil pensioners and their families.

With this app, pensioners can now easily check their last 24 pension payments along with the details.

Key features of the Dirghayu app

1) Easy online registration for pensioners using their Pension Payment Order (PPO) number.

2) Access to personal details like date of birth, retirement date, and benefits mentioned in the PPO.

3) Option to download the revised pension authorities.

4) Ability to register complaints and track their status on the CPAO website, providing a way to solve any issues.

5) Display of the last 24 pension-related changes and monthly bank account statements.

6) Security feature ensures pensioner verification through mobile OTP during registration.

There are many benefits

The CPAO’s mobile app offers various services to pensioners. Using the Longevity Pensioner Mobile App, pensioners and their families can access these services.

To register on the app, pensioners need to provide their PPO number, date of birth, and retirement date (or date of death for family pensioners).

What is a PPO?

Every pensioner receives a Pension Payment Order (PPO), which is a unique 12-digit code. You can find your PPO number by visiting

Just click on the pensioner portal under the online services section of the website and follow the steps provided.

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