New AI Chat Feature Coming to WhatsApp (Know Update)

Tools linked to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become part of popular apps recently, and now WhatsApp is joining the list.

A new feature is being tested for beta users, allowing them to talk or chat with AI. It’s worth noting that similar features are already present in Snapchat and some other social apps.

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Earlier this year, the Meta-owned platform announced that users would soon have the option to use AI-based chatbots in WhatsApp.

Currently, selected testers in America are experiencing this feature, and once beta testing is complete, it will be included in the stable update. A new shortcut is being tested to facilitate this change.

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WABetaInfo, a platform providing information about WhatsApp updates, reported that in WhatsApp Beta for Android version, some beta testers have observed a new shortcut.

This shortcut allows users to initiate AI chats by tapping on the Floating Action Button (FAB), a white button with multi-colored rings visible above the New Chat button.

This option will eventually be available in all Meta-owned apps. Meta announced in September that AI Assistant support will be extended to all its social media apps, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

The AI chatbots in these apps will be based on Meta’s large language model, Llama 2, and will provide answers and suggestions using the Bing search engine.

Additionally, it has been revealed that users can generate images by commanding the AI assistant in Meta apps, indicating support for text-to-image functionality. These AI avatars will also be equipped with other advanced features.

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