Meta Initiates Layoff Process, Letting Go of Over 6,000 Employees: Key Points

  1. Meta (formerly Facebook) commenced the layoff process, as previously announced in March 2023, to reduce its workforce by 10,000 job roles.
  2. Out of the planned reduction, 4,000 employees had already been laid off, and now an additional 6,000 employees are being let go.
  3. Affected employees share their stories on LinkedIn, expressing their experiences. Some employees received their layoff notifications as early as 4:30 in the morning, causing anxiety and sleeplessness.
  4. The layoffs have impacted various departments, including Business, Ad Sales, Marketing, Communications, and Partnerships.
  5. Nick Clegg, Meta’s president of global affairs, reportedly informed employees about the upcoming layoff round during a company-wide meeting about a week prior to the announcement. Clegg acknowledged the prevailing anxiety and uncertainty among the employees.
  6. The recent wave of layoffs adds to the previous workforce reductions. In November 2022, the first round of layoffs affected 11,000 technical professionals, followed by a second round in March 2023, impacting 10,000 employees worldwide.
  7. With the current layoffs, the total number of employees retrenched by Meta reaches approximately 21,000.

The job market in the tech industry has been challenging, with numerous layoffs reported recently. Meta’s decision to reduce its workforce comes as part of its strategic realignment and restructuring efforts.

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