Limited-Time Offer: Dell Laptop with ₹72,000 Discount Available on Amazon Renewed

If you’re in the market for a laptop and looking to score a great deal, has an enticing offer for you.

The online marketplace is offering discounted prices on its warehouse deal section, where you can find older stock of Amazon products at lower prices.

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Today, we bring you news of a laptop originally priced at ₹90,000, available for just ₹18,315 on Amazon Renewed.

What is Amazon Renewed?

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Amazon Renewed is a program that accepts returned products and restores them to a like-new condition by sending them to official service centers.

These renewed products come with all warranties reinstated, making them a reliable choice for savvy shoppers. Amazon sells these products at a fraction of their original price under the Amazon Renewed section.

₹90,000 Laptop for Only ₹18,000

One such incredible deal on Amazon Renewed features the Dell Intel 5th Gen Core i5 5300U 14-Inch (35.56 cms) Laptop.

This Latitude E5450 Laptop, originally priced at ₹90,000, is now available for just ₹18,000. Additionally, customers can enjoy an extra 10% discount when using a debit or credit card from Federal Bank.

How to Explore Renewed Deals

To explore all the products available under the Amazon Renewed deal, simply open the Amazon mobile app or website.

In the search box, type “Renewed,” and you will be presented with a wide range of products falling under this category.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and get your hands on high-quality refurbished laptops and more at unbeatable prices through Amazon Renewed.

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