KYC Guidelines: Reserve Bank changes Rules for Savings Account Holders

RBI New Rules: There is big news for bank account holders. If you also have an account in the bank, then the Reserve Bank has made a significant change in the rules,

which will directly affect crores of customers. From time to time, new rules are made by the Reserve Bank to provide better facilities to customers.

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Now RBI has changed the laws related to savings accounts (RBI Savings Account Rules).

No need to go to a bank branch

According to the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India, for all the account holders who have already submitted their valid documents and there is no change in their address,

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then such customers should update their KYC Know Your Customer (KYC). No need to go to the bank branch to get it done.

Details can be updated easily

RBI has said that if there is any change in the details of KYC, then the account holders must update their details.

You can edit the details through an email ID, registered mobile number, ATM, and other digital methods.

What to do if the details still need to be changed?

Apart from this, the customers whose KYC details have not changed, then those customers will have to give a declaration letter themselves to complete their KYC process. No need to go to the branch for this. Is.

Customers get better facilities

The Reserve Bank of India has told the banks in its guidelines that these decisions are taken keeping the customers’ facilities in mind so that the customers’ money is safe.

Their details should be updated so that no one faces any problems.

Along with this, many types of cheating are being done in the name of banks across the country to stop, and the RBI is running a campaign.

Keep details private

The Reserve Bank has said that no call is made to any customer from any bank in the country or the RBI.

Along with this, personal details are not asked of any customer. So keep your information private from such phone calls.

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