Jio’s Offering Additional Benefits more Than Airtel in its 84 Days Validity Plan

For hassle-free recharges, consider the 84-day plans by Jio and Airtel. Priced at Rs 999, both offer the same duration but differ in data offerings.

Jio emerges as a strong contender against Airtel due to its data provision. Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide:

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Airtel’s Rs 999 Plan

Airtel’s 84-day prepaid plan boasts unlimited 5G data, limitless calls, and 100 daily SMS. Moreover, subscribers gain 84-day access to Amazon Prime membership.

For non-Airtel 5G areas, the plan includes limitless 4G data with a daily cap of 2.5GB.

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Jio’s Rs 999 Plan

Reliance Jio’s Rs 999 plan offers a similar 84-day validity. Users receive a daily allowance of 3GB data, summing up to 252GB over the period.

The plan also features bonus vouchers granting an extra 40GB data, totaling 292GB. Unlimited cross-network calls and 100 daily SMS are part of the package.

Choosing Between Airtel and Jio’s Rs 999 Plans

Comparing the benefits, Jio outshines Airtel with an 82GB data advantage.

However, Airtel’s plan includes Amazon Prime Video access, which Jio’s doesn’t.

All other perks remain identical, leaving the key distinctions in data and Amazon Prime Video subscription.

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