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Jio New 365-Day Plan Offers Unlimited Calls and Free SMS Service

Reliance Jio offers a comprehensive annual plan with a validity of 365 days, perfect for those seeking long-term benefits.

Priced at Rs 3,227, this plan includes unlimited voice calls, a data plan, and free SMS service for a full year.

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If you’re in need of a plan with extended validity, this could be a great option for you.

Details of Jio’s Rs 3,227 Plan

The Rs 3,227 plan is one of Jio’s long validity plans, providing 365 days or 12 months of service. This plan includes 2GB of internet data per day, totaling 730GB for the year.

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Once the daily data limit is reached, the speed reduces to 64Kbps. Additionally, customers enjoy unlimited voice calls and 100 free SMS daily.

The plan also offers subscriptions to Jio apps like JioTV, JioCinema, JioSecurity, and JioCloud.

Cost-Effective Monthly Breakdown

The Rs 3,227 annual plan breaks down to approximately Rs 268 per month, or about Rs 9 per day. This makes it a cost-effective choice compared to Jio’s monthly plans.

For Rs 268 per month, customers receive unlimited voice calls, SMS, and 730GB of internet data, offering significant savings and convenience.



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