Jio Plan Rs 598 vs Rs 599: Pay ₹1 Extra and Get 28 Days Validity

Reliance Jio is known for its wide range of plans catering to the diverse needs of its customers. Among these, the Rs 598 and Rs 599 plans stand out, offering an intriguing difference of just Re 1.

However, this seemingly small disparity brings about significant changes in benefits, including an additional 28 days of validity.

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Let’s delve into the details of both these plans.

Jio’s Rs 598 Plan: Benefits

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The Rs 598 plan from Reliance Jio offers a validity of 56 days. Subscribers to this plan enjoy a generous data allocation of 112GB, with a daily limit of 2GB.

Once the daily data limit is exceeded, the data speed is reduced to 64Kbps.

The plan also includes unlimited voice calls, both on the Jio network and 2000 minutes for calls to non-Jio networks. Additionally, customers can send 100 free SMS per day.

Furthermore, users have complimentary access to Jio apps, enriching their digital experience.

Notably, this plan comes with an added bonus: a one-year free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar, all without any additional charges.

Jio’s Rs 599 Plan: Benefits

For those seeking an extended validity period, Reliance Jio’s Rs 599 plan offers a remarkable 84 days of validity. This plan provides users with a substantial data allowance of 168GB, with a daily limit of 2GB.

After exhausting the daily data limit, the speed is reduced to 64Kbps.

As with the previous plan, unlimited voice calls are included, featuring 3000 minutes for calls to non-Jio networks. Subscribers can also enjoy the convenience of sending 100 free SMS per day.

Furthermore, this plan offers access to Jio apps, ensuring a seamless digital experience.

It’s worth noting that by paying just Re 1 more for the Rs 599 plan, customers can avail themselves of an additional 28 days of validity compared to the Rs 598 plan.

This added validity provides users with an extended period to enjoy Jio’s reliable services and benefits.

In conclusion, Reliance Jio’s Rs 598 and Rs 599 plans offer compelling options to meet the communication and data needs of customers, with the latter providing an extra 28 days of validity for a nominal increase of Re 1.

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