IRCTC offering Massive Discounts on Tickets for Next 100 Days (Book Now)

If you’re planning a trip, here’s some important news for you. In the next 100 days of your travel plans, you can score significant discounts on your tickets.

The catch? You’ll need to book your tickets either today or tomorrow, specifically on September 26th or 27th.

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IRCTC Offers Big Discounts on Train, Plane, and Bus Tickets

For those booking train, plane, or bus tickets through IRCTC, there are some fantastic perks in store.

You’ll enjoy discounts on your ticket bookings, and during this period, there won’t be any convenience fees, meaning you can book your tickets without any extra costs. Plus, there are substantial rental discounts available as well.

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IRCTC’s 24th Foundation Day Celebration: Grab Amazing Discounts

IRCTC has rolled out this enticing offer in celebration of its 24th Foundation Day. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Zero Convenience Fee: When booking flight tickets through, you won’t incur any convenience fees.

Discounts on Air Ticketing: The offer extends to flight tickets booked on the IRCTC website and mobile app, with discounts of up to Rs 2000 on card transactions from various banks.

Ajit Kumar Sinha, Chief Regional Manager at IRCTC, emphasized that travelers can take advantage of these special offers by booking their air tickets for upcoming holidays a

nd the approaching New Year, provided their travel is within the next 100 days.

Additionally, IRCTC is offering travel insurance of Rs 50 lakh for every air ticket booked through its portal.

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