Hyundai EXTER to Launch with Segment-First Features in July

Hyundai Motor India Limited has announced the much-anticipated launch date of their upcoming micro SUV, the Hyundai EXTER.

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The highly-awaited vehicle is all set to hit the Indian market on July 10, generating immense excitement among car enthusiasts. With its stunning looks and cutting-edge features, the EXTER is creating a buzz like never before.

In a recent revelation, Hyundai disclosed two segment-first features that are sure to astound prospective buyers. The Hyundai EXTER will be equipped with a smart electric sunroof, adding a touch of elegance and allowing passengers to relish natural views.

Additionally, it will feature a dashcam integrated with dual cameras, enabling users to capture cherished memories while on the move.

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These remarkable offerings have not been seen in any micro SUV or sub-4 meter compact SUV thus far, making the EXTER truly unique in its class.

Mr. Tarun Garg, Chief Operating Officer at HMIL, expressed his excitement about the EXTER, stating, “We have packed a host of features in the Hyundai EXTER that lets you immerse yourself in the sights and capture those memorable experiences on the move.”

With such innovative features, Hyundai aims to enhance the driving experience and provide customers with unmatched value.

The inclusion of a smart electric sunroof in the EXTER adds a touch of luxury to the micro SUV segment.

Equipped with voice commands, users can simply say “open sunroof” or express their desire to “see the sky” to activate the sunroof, making it an intuitive and convenient feature.

This segment-first offering further showcases Hyundai’s commitment to providing advanced technology and user-friendly experiences.

Another segment-first feature is the dual-camera dashcam. With front and rear cameras and a 2.31-inch LCD display, users can connect the dashcam to their smartphones via a dedicated app for seamless connectivity.

The dashcam supports Full HD video resolution and offers multiple recording modes, allowing users to choose between Driving (Normal), Event (Safety), and Vacation (Time Lapse) modes.

This diverse range of recording options enhances the overall customer experience, providing convenience and flexibility in capturing their journeys.

The arrival of the Hyundai EXTER with these groundbreaking features has sent shockwaves through the industry, leaving competitors, including Tata Motors, contemplating their next moves.

The combination of a smart electric sunroof and a dual-camera dashcam is poised to steal the hearts of potential buyers, setting new standards in the micro SUV segment.

As the launch date approaches, anticipation is mounting, and customers are eager to experience the game-changing Hyundai EXTER firsthand.

With its unrivaled features and commitment to innovation, Hyundai is shaping the future of the micro SUV market, redefining what’s possible in this segment.

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