Hero MotoCorp launches Upgraded Electric Scooter with Lower Price Tag

Hero MotoCorp has updated its electric scooter and released it in a new version. They’ve also made it cheaper.

In India, Hero introduced the Vida V1 Plus alongside these changes.

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Compared to other Hero models, the price of the Vida V1 Plus has been reduced by Rs 30,000, and its features and performance have been improved.

The new price for the Vida V1 Plus electric scooter is Rs 1.15 lakh. Before this, the Vida V1 Pro model was available.

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The Vida V1 Plus is an updated version of the Vida V1 Pro, but it’s now Rs 30,000 cheaper.

In January 2024, Hero sold 6.46 percent fewer electric scooters compared to January 2023.

However, they’ve now updated the Vida V1 Pro to the Vida V1 Plus, which is cheaper by Rs 30,000.

Hero MotoCorp sold 1,494 electric two-wheelers in January 2024, and this is 6.46 percent less than January last year.

Hero had achieved record sales in September 2023, selling 3,000 units for the first time in a month.

Now, with the Vida V1 Plus, they’ve made an electric scooter that fits people’s budgets by reducing its price.

Both the Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro have a 6kW electric motor and a digital instrument panel.

They also have LED lights, different ride modes, and can connect to smartphones.

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