Hero Electric unveils upgraded Optima CX5.0, Optima CX2.0 and NYX E-Scooters

New Delhi :

Hero Electric has recently launched the latest versions of Optima CX5.0 (Dual Battery), Optima CX2.0 (Single Battery), and NYX (Dual Battery) electric scooters in India.

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Although the modifications are not significant, they are adequate to keep these models relevant against more expensive and advanced e-scooters from other manufacturers.

During the launch event, Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, stated that their broad range of bikes is designed to provide a compelling value proposition to cater to the varying mobility needs of Indian consumers.

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The company’s focus is on building bikes that are safe and highly efficient, and their new range of power trains has been designed using feedback gathered from over 600,000 bikes over 15 years.

The power train features a super-intelligent close-loop sync system that can sense every little variation in the load and road condition to deliver just the right amount of energy without any wastage.

The latest range of electric scooters from Hero Electric incorporates advanced Japanese motor technology, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride, and German ECU technology, delivering unparalleled precision performance.

These models are designed to endure the diverse weather conditions of India, even in the remotest regions.

The top-of-the-line variants come equipped with innovative features such as “hibernating battery technology” and a “dynamically synchronized powertrain.”

The scooters also have enhanced vehicular diagnostics through their in-built software, enabling remote maintenance, ultimate battery life protection, and increased charging efficiency.

Hero Electric’s MD, Naveen Munjal, commented on the launch of the new scooters,

stating that after 15 years of unwavering commitment to building India’s electric vehicle ecosystem, the company is fully dedicated to realizing the country’s electric mobility mission.

Every product undergoes an exhaustive R&D process, ensuring customer safety.

Hero Electric has also worked closely with its partners to cater to the surging demand for EVs in India, and as a result, the company is all set to manufacture over 1 million vehicles annually from its manufacturing units.

The latest addition to Hero Electric’s electric scooter lineup is the NYX CX5.0, which is equipped with a 1.9kW motor and a 3kWh battery pack.

This combination enables the scooter to travel up to 113km on a single charge (claimed) and reach a top speed of 48kmph.

On the other hand, the Optima CX5.0 features a 1.9kW motor paired with a 3kWh battery, while the Optima CX2.0 uses a 1.9kW motor and a 2kWh battery pack, allowing it to travel up to 89km per charge and reach a top speed of 48kmph.

The Optima CX5.0 is available in Dark Matt Blue and Matt Maroon, while the Optima CX2.0 comes in Dark Matt Blue and Charcoal Black.

The NYX is offered in Charcoal Black and Pearl White colors. Hero Electric’s comfort and city speed scooters are priced between Rs 85,000 to Rs 95,000 and Rs 1,05,000 to Rs 1,30,000, respectively.

All these models are available at Hero Electric dealerships across India.

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