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H-1B Visa: Visa, Green Card Process to get easier for Indians

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Washington :

The White House is looking into the recommendations of a presidential commission to reduce the time required to process Green Card applications to just six months, and also to eliminate the backlog by April 2023.

The move could aid thousands of immigrant families, particularly who come from China or India.

The White House’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders released its inaugural report on Friday.

This report received approval on the 12th of May before being sent to the President on the 24th of August as well.

The White House Domestic Policy Council is currently reviewing the recommendations prior to submitting them to the president Joe Biden for his decision.

The report states that because of COVID-19 closures and staffing restrictions and

the ongoing impact of the travel bans processing green cards beyond an annual limit has proven challenging.

It suggests to the State Department’s National Visa Center (NVC) facility hires more staff to expand its capacity to handle Green Card application interviews by 100 percent,

in just three months beginning in August 2022 and to increase Green Card applications and visa interviews and adjudicate on decisions up to 150 percent by April 2023.

This will reduce the backlog of applications until 2023’s end.

The committee noted in the review it believes that Green Card visa interviews and processing timelines for visas should be restricted to a specific timeframe of six months.

Green Visa interviews as well as processing times for visas must be restricted to a specific timeframe of six months.

The commission recommends reducing the agency’s impending families-based Green Card backlog, US Citizenship and Immigration Services should examine their procedures,

systems and policies, and set new cycle times for internal processes through streamlining processes, eliminating redundant steps,

if there are any and automating manual approvals.

The agency says this will improve the internal dashboards and its reporting system,

and improve its policies to speed up the processing time of all forms that are related relatives-based Green Card applications

Reunification of families has been delayed for a number of years because of an rise in the backlog of family-based immigration over the last three decades.

The report states that , out among the 22,666 green cards that are available just 65,452 family-based preferred green cards were issued in FY 2021.

“If it is necessary to answer a concern or additional information is required, USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) as well as Department of State (DOS) Department of State (DOS) will continue to process applications beyond the six-month deadline and make decisions promptly,”

“If an application isn’t complete within six months the application will be not closed and will be completed in a timely manner for the duration of the application” according to the report.

The recommendations also recommend hearing applications for temporary work programs including those for H-1B or H-2A visas that are available to farmers within a time frame of two months.

This will extend the duration of the work permit extensions to more than 365 days instead of the 180-day limit currently in place.

Green cards are Permanent Resident Card given to people who are immigrants to the US as proof that the bearer was granted the right to live for a long time.

The H1B visa is a non-immigrant Visa that permits US businesses to employ foreign workers for jobs which require technical or theoretical expertise.

If they are accepted and implemented, the suggestions could provide huge relief to immigrants families, especially those of India as well as China.

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