Govt suspends 70 Lakh Mobile Numbers due to THIS reason

The government did something important by stopping 70 lakh mobile numbers. It means these mobile numbers can’t be used anymore.

You might be wondering why the government took this step. Well, it’s because there’s more digital fraud happening.

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Because of this, the phone numbers got stopped

These were the phone numbers that got stopped because they were connected to some not-okay transactions.

Actually, a person named Financial Services Secretary Vivek Joshi told about this on Tuesday.

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He said they did this because there are bad things happening with money on the internet.

Let me share with you, a person named Financial Services Secretary Vivek Joshi told this information after talking about problems with digital money and other connected topics.

Next meeting will be held in January

Joshi said that because there are more problems with digital cheating, they told the banks what to do.

They asked the banks to make their ways of working stronger and better ahead of time.

He talked about the meeting and said that they will keep having more meetings about this problem in the future. The next meeting is planned for January next year.

Talking about Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) fraud, Financial Services Secretary Vivek Joshi said that states should be careful about this problem.

Also, state governments need to work on making sure information is kept safe.

How will fraud cases be reduced?

Vivek Joshi said knowing about digital cheating is crucial. To stop these problems, it’s important that everyone in society is told and understands these things.

We know that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently talked a lot about making sure people know about cyber fraud.

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