Google Wallet Now Requires Android 9.0 or Higher

Recently, Google introduced Google Wallet in India. This digital wallet service allows users to store important documents securely in one place.

However, hundreds of Android phone users will no longer be able to use it because Google is ending support for older Android versions.

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According to a report by 9to5Google, Google has updated its support page to state that Android 9.0 or higher is now required to run Google Wallet. This means the app will stop working on many older phones.

Google Wallet and Older Android Versions

Google has stopped releasing security updates for Android versions older than 9.0, increasing the risk of hacking for those devices. To maintain security, Google needs to push updates that are not available for these older versions.

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Google’s support page notes, “To help keep Wallet’s features more secure, we need to be able to push security updates to your device.” If you are using an older Android version, it’s important to update your phone or switch to a new one.

Features and Availability of Google Wallet in India

Google Wallet, launched in the US in 2022, arrived in India last week. It provides a secure, organized space for users to access boarding passes, tickets, and essential documents.

However, in India, the app does not support payment features. Instead, it complements the Google Pay app, which continues to serve payment needs.

Google has partnered with 20 brands to enhance the Google Wallet experience in India, including PVR, Inox, Air India, Indigo, Flipkart, Pine Labs, Kochi Metro, Abhibus, and others.

Benefits of Google Wallet

The Google Wallet app in India allows users to save movie and event tickets, boarding passes, loyalty and gift cards, and digitize physical documents like luggage tags and parking receipts.

Additionally, users can store and access corporate badges within the app. Confirmation emails for train and movie tickets received in Gmail will automatically appear in the user’s Google Wallet.

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