Google introduces Exciting New Features for Android, Google TV, and WearOS

Google has given lots of new things and changes for people who use Android. These things let users make their device more personal.

Google made these changes for Android phones, Wear OS smartwatches, and Google TV devices. Now, we’ll share more details about all these new things.

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Android users get new features

Emoji Kitchen: Google made a new Emoji Kitchen for mixing stickers.

Now, people can mix and share emojis right on Gboard. You can choose two emojis to create something new.

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Voice Moods: Now, you can use it in Google Messages (beta). This helps you add special backgrounds and animated emoji themes to voice messages.

AI Image Description: Google’s TalkBack feature, which uses AI, has been improved.

Now, when users create an image with AI, the description of the image mentions that it was created by AI.

Reaction Effects: Soon, people using Google Messages will have reaction effects, which are big animated emojis that take up the whole screen.

When users react to a message with a thumbs-up emoji, a large animated emoji will show up on the screen.

Free TV channels: Google added 10 new channels for free on Google TV. You can watch movies, sports, and game shows on these channels.

New features in WearOS

1. WearOS watches now have extra control powers. You can use your smartwatch to control devices like vacuums and mops.

2. You can also control the status of Google Home using your smartwatch.

Google shared details about new things and updates on their official blog.

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