Get OTT App Subscriptions with Your Recharge Plans

Many users are keen on getting OTT app subscriptions bundled with their recharge plans.

However, this desire often goes unmet due to the scarcity of such offerings.

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Limited Availability of OTT Subscriptions

Users often find it challenging to access recharge plans that include OTT app subscriptions without additional charges.

Fortunately, major telecom providers like Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea have introduced specific plans addressing this need.

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Jio Plans Offering Free Amazon Prime

Rs 1198 Plan

This plan offers an Amazon Prime Video subscription exclusively for the mobile edition. Users receive 2GB data per day with an 84-day validity. Additionally, 18GB of extra data is provided.

Rs 4498 Plan

Offering a hassle-free experience with a validity of 365 days, this plan includes subscriptions to 15 OTT apps, including Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition.

Airtel’s OTT Subscription Bundles

Rs 699 Plan

Valid for 56 days, this plan provides free access to Amazon Prime Video along with 3GB of daily data rollover.

Rs 999 Plan

With 2.5GB of daily data, this plan offers an 84-day Amazon Prime Video subscription, among other OTT app subscriptions.

Vodafone Idea (VI) Prime Subscription Plans

Rs 1101 Plan

Offering a six-month subscription to Amazon Prime along with additional benefits.

Rs 701 Plan

This plan also provides a six-month Amazon Prime subscription along with other perks.

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