Elon Musk launches Job Search Feature on its X Platform: How to use it?

Exciting news for people looking for jobs! Elon Musk introduced a helpful tool called Job Search on X (previously known as Twitter).

This tool is great for those searching for new job opportunities. With this new tool, users can easily look for jobs on the X platform, and companies can hire people directly through it.

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It’s a feature that competes directly with LinkedIn. X initially launched a test version of the job search feature in August.

Now, after two months, the company has made the job search tool available for everyone on the internet. Below, we’ll explain how to use it.

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How to use X’s job search tool?

Engadget found and shared that everyone on the internet can now use X’s job search tool.

You don’t need a verified account anymore, which was a requirement during the beta release. To use it, simply log in to your X account and visit the job search page.

You’ll see a page with two boxes. In the first box, type the job you want, and in the second box, type where you want to work.

After typing in the job and location, you need to click a button that says “search.”

Then, the job search platform will display a list of jobs that match what you’re looking for.

The tool has two parts. On the left side, you see a list of jobs. When you click on a job from the list, on the right side, you get details like the company name, the job role, where it is, details about the company, and more.

If the company says how much they pay, that information is there too.

If you want to share the job with someone, you can copy the web link and send it directly or share it on X-post.

If you want to apply for a job, you can’t do it right on X. Instead, the tool will take you to the company’s hiring page to continue. X’s job search tool is simple right now.

It doesn’t have fancy filters to give you more specific results. For instance, you can’t pick the kind of job, like full-time, part-time, freelance, work from home, or hybrid roles.

Which companies can put up job listings?

When X put out a test version of its job search tool in August, Elon Musk said it would be “good.” We’ll have to wait and see what that means.

It’s important to know that only companies with a Verified for Organizations subscription can post jobs on the app.

This is a costly premium membership, currently priced at Rs 82,300 per month (including all taxes).

Like I mentioned earlier, you can use X’s job search tool on the internet.

The support for Android and iOS apps is coming soon, but they haven’t given a specific time yet.

The company shared this information in a tweet

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