Clara Industries announces Bonus Shares

Clara Industries Ltd, a small-cap company, has recently declared bonus shares for its investors. The company has set a record date and announced the bonus share ratio for its upcoming corporate action.

According to Clara Industries, shareholders will receive 4 bonus equity shares for every 1 existing equity share held, subject to shareholder approval.

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the company will issue bonus shares in the ratio of 4:1. This means shareholders will receive 4 additional shares for every 1 share held.

Record Date and Eligibility

The board of Clara Industries has fixed July 8, 2024, as the record date to determine which shareholders are eligible to receive the bonus shares. This date is crucial as it decides who will benefit from the issuance of additional shares.

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Understanding Bonus Shares

Bonus shares are additional shares that a company issues to its existing shareholders at no extra cost. This move aims to reward shareholders and enhance liquidity in the stock.

Clara Industries Share Performance

As of today, Clara Industries’ stock price surged by 15% intraday to Rs 239. On a year-to-date basis, the stock has gained 10%,

while over the past two years, it has seen an impressive increase of up to 150%. The company also recently paid its first dividend of Rs 0.5 per share in June 2024.

The 52-week high for Clara Industries’ stock is Rs 264, and the low is Rs 141.55. With a market capitalization of Rs 94.04 crore, Clara Industries continues to show strong performance and investor confidence in the market.

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