Central Govt Introduces Special ID Card for laborers (Scheme Benefits)

The government is going to create a special ID card for workers. This will help workers a lot.

With this card, they can easily get benefits from government programs and keep an eye on their employers.

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The government often makes plans to help poor people, workers, and farmers, but sometimes these benefits don’t reach the people.

This special ID card will be like a tool for them, especially for migrant workers in construction.

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This special ID will be connected to the worker’s Aadhaar card and work database.

The Labor Ministry Secretary, Aarti Ahuja, said more details about this will be announced next week. She also said the ministry will solve all the problems workers face.

Many laborers in construction work under tough conditions with contractors. They often work on a contract, get paid in cash, and can be let go anytime.

They don’t get the benefits of social security schemes and face challenges when they move from one state to another for work. Even if they have an accident, they and their families don’t get special help.

The laws made to help workers, like minimum wages, workplace safety, and facilities for children, are usually not followed by contractors.

The new ID cards will make sure these workers are part of various government programs, and contractors will have to follow all the government rules after making these special cards.

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