Bajaj launches New Chetak Urbane Electric Scooter in India: Check Price & Range

Bajaj Auto just released a new version of its popular electric scooter, Chetak, in the local market.

They call it ‘Chetak Urbane,’ and it starts at Rs 1.15 lakh, excluding showroom costs.

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Riding Range 

This electric scooter can get better with a ‘Techpack,’ which adds more features.

If you want it with the Techpack, you need to pay Rs 1.21 lakh at the showroom.

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This new electric vehicle has the same 2.9kWh battery as the one before, and when it’s fully charged, it can go as far as 113 km, certified by IDC.

The fancier version claims it can go up to 108 km, certified by ARAI. This is the actual distance it can cover.

But in everyday use, the city electric vehicle might cover a slightly shorter distance.

Top Speed 

When we talk about how well it works, the regular Chetak Urbane can go as fast as 63 km/h, just like the one you have now. But the Tecpac version can go even faster, up to 73 km/h.

In addition to that, the upgrade package adds more cool stuff like sport mode, hill-hold assist, reverse mode, and full-app connectivity. Also, it has the same screen display as the fancier version.

Charging Time 

One important thing to know is that it now takes 4 hours and 50 minutes to charge the city electric scooter.

The older model, on the other hand, needed only 3 hours and 50 minutes to fully charge.

This is because the charging speed has been lowered from 800W to 650W.

The Chetak Urbane Electric Scooter comes in four colors: Mat Mote Grey, Cyber White, Brooklyn Black, and Indigo Metallic.

Compete with them 

Other electric scooters that are competitors for the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter include Ather 450X, Ola Scooters, and Okinawa iPraise.

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