Airtel Plans Tariff Hike soon in India (See Details)

If you use Airtel, you might want to know this. Airtel, which is India’s second biggest telecom company, might raise its prices soon.

The Chairman of Airtel, Sunil Mittal, mentioned in an interview with NDTV Profit that they plan to increase the prices of their telecom services in India to make sure the market stays strong.

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There isn’t a specific date mentioned for when this change might happen, but reports suggest it could happen in the second half of 2024.

Airtel aims to raise the average amount of money they get from each user (known as ARPU) from Rs 208 to Rs 300 in the near future.

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Airtel is working on expanding its 5G services across India and is adjusting its spectrum and other basics. They’re trying to make back the money they’ve invested.

It’s important to note that there haven’t been any big changes in telecom prices in India since December 2021.

Ever since 4G was introduced in the country, telecom companies have been increasing their prices every 2-3 years.

Jio and Vi might also raise their prices along with Airtel. These are the three main companies in the telecom sector – Jio, Airtel, and Vi.

If Airtel decides to raise its prices, it’s expected that Jio and Vi will do the same.

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