Airtel Introduces its affordable Broadband Plan at Just Rs 399 (Plan Benefits)

No need to spend a lot on getting the internet at home anymore. You can now have broadband for less than Rs 400.

Airtel has a special plan for people who are new to broadband or want a budget-friendly option.

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This plan is good for those who want to try Airtel’s services before going for a faster plan or need affordable internet for their children’s education. It’s called Airtel’s Standby Broadband Plan.

Airtel currently offers only one Standby Plan for broadband, and it costs Rs 399.

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There used to be a Rs 199 plan, but it seems Airtel doesn’t offer it anymore. Let’s look at the details of the Rs 399 Standby Broadband Plan.

Airtel Rs 399 Broadband Standby Plan

This unique plan costs Rs 399 and comes with some conditions. Like other Airtel broadband plans, it includes unlimited calling and unlimited data (3300GB).

You get a free landline connection, but you need to buy the landline instrument yourself. The plan also includes a free router with an internet speed of 10Mbps.

The catch is that you have to subscribe to this plan for a full 5 months and pay Rs 3000 upfront, which covers installation charges and 18% tax.

There are some extra benefits too, such as a free router, a free Xstream Box, and access to 350+ TV channels. So, with this plan, you get both broadband and DTH services.

It’s worth mentioning that Airtel used to have a Rs 199 Standby Broadband Plan, but it’s not available anymore.

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